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Creation of NATO (English)

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is 70 years old military and political organisation, which was established to cease the resurgent Russia. The treaty was signed on April 4, 1949, but the bona fide creation of NATO had been initiated in 1948.  A key provision of the Treaty, the so-called article 5 states that, if any country attacks on any of its ally, it is to be considered an attack on all members, which gave untrammeled power to these capricious countries including the USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Europe got the inking, when Russia wrought blockade in Berlin on 4 June, 1948, that Russia is more peculiar to them than Adolf Hitler. The alliance grew up largely out of cold war fears of Soviet aggression and Expansionism.

What was the need to sign the treaty?

After world war 2, Europe was thoroughly pulverized , and didn’t have enough money  to resurrect itself. On April 3, 1948 the America came out with a Marshall Plan to resurrect Europe. It not only helped Europe with 12 billion dollars, but also made this Marshall plan a foundation to sign North Atlantic treaty since it had irrefutable reasons to secure its assets in Europe otherwise Soviet Union would have engulfed the whole Europe.


The Soviet Union was so behemoth in power that it was nearly impossible for any country to trounce them and facing them would be like throwing yourself into trenches. Thereby, on April 4 1949, the America, Canada and other 10 European countries comprising the Great Britain and France signed North Atlantic treaty. This treaty has been valuable till now in stopping Russia from attacking Europe. Initially, it had only 12 members, but now it consists of 29 countries.

Everything was pre-planned, how?

The America had introduced its Marshall plan on 3 April, 1948 to protect its 12 billion investment, before The Soviet Union wrought blockade in Berlin on 24 June, 1948. The America had made up its mind on NATO,  before it decided to introduce Marshall Plan. On 22 March 1948, an American diplomat, Theodore Achilles in pentagon had started confidential talks vis-à-vis NATO. These talks continued for 2 weeks, and the America introduced its Marshall plan on 3 April, 1948. The moment Soviet Union wrought blockade in Berlin to cordon off Europe, they executed NATO, which means everything was pre-planned.

What Soviet Union did to counter NATO?


On 14 May, 1955 Soviet Union Founded Warsaw Pact with its allies to counter NATO, when the USA conglomerated various countries to structure  NATO. Warsaw Pact gave birth to Iron curtain which entirely cut up Europe, and impregnated cold war.

North Atlantic Treaty

Treaty of Brussels

Warsaw Pact

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