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Dilemma Of Iraq (English)

Despite having the fifth-largest reserves of oil, Iraq is unable to feed its population. Owing to which, people have started protesting against the Iraqi government.

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The position of Iraq and his prime minister is insidious. Today, Neither does Iraq have sufficient infrastructure to support the extraction of oil from its reserves nor the funds to repay the loan Saddam had taken.

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The biggest problem in Iraq is corruption which it has inherited from its former leader, Saddam Hussain. His coup created a power vacuum in Iraq which gave rise to the terrorist group, ISIS, in the region. Iran underpinned the fight of Iraqi people against the ISIS.

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A majority of the area of Iraq has been destroyed due to such prolonged war which cannot be rebuilt. In short, there is no infrastructure to provide basic amenities to the people of Iraq like; hospitals, schools, roads, jobs etc.

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The average age of Iraq is 20.2 years, means a lot of people are young who have nothing to do, therefore 25% of them are unemployed.

Nepotism has taken its place, compelling them to bite the apple of discord and run the gauntlet. It further galls the cynicism and petulance of Iraq.

These protests are not organised and spearheaded by anyone.

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The rumbustious protestors, capable of handling the weapons, are getting united through social media which is the biggest problem for the government.

The rapacity of America, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to control Iraq can not be denied. Thereby, the government is moving earth and heaven to subdue these protests. Conversely, the protestors want to supplant the parliamentary system by the presidential system to curb down corruption.

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In the last one year, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, the prime minister of Iraq, has made trade deals with a lot of countries and trying hard to get foreign investment. But, his perspicacity can not work, unless Iran and Iraq stop fighting a proxy war.

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Staff Lieutenant General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, the second-in-command of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTS), had trained the men who fought against the ISIS, was also sacked by the government after which these protests were started against the corruption. It could be seen an attempt of a coup in Iraq.

Let’s see what happens next. Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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