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The Political fire of Venezuela (English)

A country used to be rich in oil, wealthy, prosperous, and the most dominant competitor of Miss Universe is facing famine. The political spectacle is trying to simmer a civil war in Venezuela.


On 1 May 2018, a coup was intrigued in Venezuela by Juan Guaido. He is the very same person who proclaimed himself, “the President of Venezuela“, in the public domain a few months ago.

After his promulgation, approximately, 50 countries accredited him the president of Venezuela.

Juan Guaido

But, he is not the president of Venezuela, rather Nicolas Maduro is the incumbent president of Venezuela.

The intrigued coup was a maneuver of America to oust Nicolas Maduro. Now, if you think that he has the hold of incumbency owing to Russia then maybe you need a brush-up.

President Nicolas Maduro

It is a gospel truth that he is underpinned by Russia, but still, the primary reason for his hold on the National Assembly (Venezuela) is the Venezuelan army, because, as soon as, Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as the president of Venezuela, the army, abruptly briefed the media that Nicolas Maduro would be the president until the elections.

Owing to the support of the army, America has not been able to oust Nicolas Maduro and supplant him by Juan Guaido.

Credits-Daily Mail

Credits-Al Jazeera

The conditions of the people of Venezuela are so devastating that it has compelled them to drink Sewage water because they don’t even have water to drink.
Just think, if they do not have water to drink then how they would have food to eat, moreover, they are even eating animals like cats, dogs, and rats to placate their starvation, but still, the army underpins Nicolas Maduro.

How Nicolas Maduro owns such loyalty of the army?


It will be incorrect to say that the entire army supports Nicols Maduro, rather the army has been divided into two groups, the elite group and the one who fights in the battlefield (Mediocre soldiers).

The elite group of the army supports Nicolas Maduro on the primary objective of corruption. The soldiers of the elite group have their share, in the state-owned oil company, PDVSA, been granted by Nicolas Maduro which is valid until he is the president.

The feud between the army

When America aided Venezuela for humanitarian purposes, then Nicolas Maduro not only refused its help but also seized the basic amenities like food, water, clothes, etc, got through the border of Colombia, in the warehouses, but some of the soldiers distributed this aid to the people of Venezuela which made the members of the elite group extremely furious.

Somehow, these soldiers were able to flee from Venezuela to Colombia with the help of other soldiers when they ordered to imprison them.


It was a clear indication of the feud and Juan Guaido took advantage of it. He released a video message urging the people of Venezuela to come to oust Nicolas Maduro by showing himself even getting the support of Venezuelan army.

Why is Juan Guaido underground?

Juan Guadio with Leopoldo Lopez

He also came up with a second video showing Leopoldo Lopez, who is the leader in opposition and was arrested by Nicols Maduro, strolling freely on the streets and claiming his release with the help of Venezuelan army who had antagonized Nicolas Maduro and set him free.

His appeal affected and his supporters agitated on 1 May 2019, throughout the day. But, even after the agitations, Nicolas Maduro was able to get the helm of Venezuela because he had the support of his army.

Until now, the government had no base to file any lawsuit against him, but as he was involved in the coup, it gives Nicolas Maduro a privilege either to arrest or kill him.

He has been absconding since the night of 1 May 2019 and Leopoldo Lopez has taken recourse to the embassy of Spain.

At this moment, The stance of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is stronger than ever, but it would not be so easy to do anything against Juan Guadio because he is underpinned by America and it could compel America to take military action against Nicolas Maduro

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