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The Spectacle of Libya (English)

Tribulations is more indispensable than oil in Libya, and it is at the crescendo of a full-fledged war. Libya is on the verge of an impending war. People of Libya went berserk when they heard of Libyan National Army (LNA) approaching Tripoli, Libya.

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Things you should know

  • Civil war has been prevalent in Libya since
    Muammar Al Gathafi’s death, thereby making it a country, which shares powers between two authorities with no collegiality. The powers are shared by Government Of National Accord (GNA), and Libyan National Army (LNA). GNA Operates from Tripoli, Libya. It is not only underpinned by USA and United Nations but also presided over by the Libyan Prime Minister, FAYEZ AL-SARRAJ, where as LNA, a rebel agglomeration is leaded by Libyan General,KHALIFA HAFTAR ,it operates from Tobruk, Libya, and underpinned by Egypt and UAE. Khalifa Haftar should get kudos for the ongoing tribulations in Libya.
Fayez al-Sarraj in Washington in 2017
Fayez Al-Sarraj
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  • He has commanded his army to advance on GNA to liberate Libya by muscling in Tripoli, so that this can wrought the annexation of Tripoli and Tobruk into a united Libya, and want to get at the helm of a unilaterally established authority of Libya.
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  • This order was commanded, when the General Secretary of United Nations, Antino Guterres had been in Tripoli.

History of Khalifa Haftar

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If you want to understand the havoc created in Libya, then`we have to know a bit about him. In 1969, he aided Muammar Al Gathafi, did a coup in contemplation of untrammeled power. In 1978, he became prisoner of war during a war between Libya and Republic of Chad, which made Gathafi turn a blind eye to him. He was incarcerated by USA, worked for CIA for 20 years, involved in a lot of plannings of assassinations of Gathafi. After the sudden debacle of Gathafi in 2011, he abruptly came back to Libya, and started to agglomerate small tribal groups. In May 2014, he launched an operation entitled “Operation Dignity” to uproot Al-queda from Benghazi. He didn’t embody the valour but also exemplified it. In 2015, Owning to his trounce over Al-queda made the house of representatives of Libya appoint him the General of LNA. In September 2016, After gaining control over LNA, he launched another operation entitled “Swift Thunder”, and grabbed back the hold of conglomerated oil terminals from the terrorists organizations. Today, he has the hold of behemoth chunks of Libya, and also zero terrorism policy against obscurantist Islamic terrorism.

Differences Between GNA and LNA

The gloves are off. The matter of alienation and estrangement between them is due to the intransigence of GNA to talk to the terrorists organizations in order to wrought them in mainstream, where as Khalifa Haftar says that there is no need of any deliberations, and just wants to decapitate these moths vehemently. Notwithstanding, the United Nations has thrived to get a detente between them, but didn’t get the sought after results.

Will Khalifa Haftar be able to get hold of Tripoli and how is it related to India?

Well, we have to reckon that the maximum parts of Libya are controlled by him, today. So, it is apposite that he is deserving and powerful. His bewilderment for GNA was ostensibly seen, when the General Secretary had been present in Tripoli,Libya, and he commanded his commanders to encroach the capital city of Libya, Tripoli, because he wanted to send an unambiguous message that he is the bonafide proprietor of Libya . The peace keeping force of UN also comprised of Indian CRPFS man was made to relinquish its grounds. Even GNA, underpinned by UN and USA can defend and survive itself against the LNA, only for an ephemeral time. Haftar wants to insinuate a full fledged war. Let’s see what happens next. For in-depth analysis, watch the video.

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