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Why did the Indian government abrogate Article 370 in a very short time in Jammu and Kashmir? (ENGLISH)

I must say, compatriots, that I am ostensibly enraptured and happy since the abrogation of Article 370.

It was the biggest impediment of India which needed redemption from the Indian constitution for a long time.

We all were pestered from the effrontery and obduracy of these separatists and terrorists.

But, let me tell you that it has not been done inadvertently. The US and the Taliban met to thrash out elements of a deal to bring a close to Afghanistan’s 18-year conflict, which it started to topple the Taliban.

And it wants to withdraw thousands of troops and turn the page on its longest-ever war so that Donald Trump could have something to boast about in his country to win the 2020 election.

America needs Pakistan to make a deal with the Taliban, and it seems that the meeting might come out to be successful.

America, being a hypocrite country would turn its proclivity towards Pakistan, and then it would have been difficult for the Indian Government to abrogate article 370.

Therefore, the Indian Government skedaddle the abrogation of article 370.

I must reckon that Modidji does have a 56-inch chest and Amit shah is totally savage. They both have resuscitated the Indian constitution from oblivion.

They annexed and amalgamated J&K into India by scrapping out Article 370 and making glossed over Ladakh another union territory of India through a bill.

The muscles of the terrorists and votaries of Pakistan would be atrophied now.

It was indispensable to do, otherwise, it would have devoured the Indian economy, as J&K has received more funds than any other state, but it is still undeveloped as the dynastical parties of J&K always plundered it, but never tried to develop it.

This is the only reason Amit Shah superseded Rajnath Singh as the Home Minister as the latter was not able to do it, and all he did is hefty condemnation while he was the Home Minister of India.

Amit Shah has really tottered the feet of pseudo-Indians.

Article 370, being temporary, itself, had the provision to abrogate it.

“As per Article 370, clause 3, the president may be, by public notification, declare that this Article shall cease to be operative.”

So, we just needed the signature of the president and the consent of the incumbent government of J&K, which was very easy to get, as we know the governor is presiding over the government of J&K.

Those who say that BJP is high on marijuana, I want to say that compatriots, it’s not about the BJP or the Congress, it’s about our India, and by our India, I mean, “States with equal status”.

So stay united and unanimously accept and celebrate this historic step taken by the GOI, and be cautious as whose shoppes have been shut down by the abrogation would try to digress us, but we have to stay united.

Thank you, I really appreciate your time.

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